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Centrosolar Implements 100-kWp System with new S-Class Vision Glass/Glass Module

published: 2013-04-08 14:15

Centrosolar has successfully implemented a 100-kWp solar system in the Black Forest with the new S-Class Vision module. The project is the largest system so far to have incorporated the module, which was launched onto the market in autumn 2012. The S-Class Vision is characterised by a double-sided component with a sheet of glass, making the module extremely robust and giving it a longer life span. Market standard solar modules only have one sheet of glass, located on the front side.

A Centrosolar client has installed the 100-kWp solar system on the roof of his company building in the German town of Haslach im Kinzigtal. The roof, with a pitch of nine degrees and facing to the south and east, provides perfect conditions for the more than 450 modules that have been installed there. The slight roof pitch was one of the reasons this type of module was chosen for this project. Since the S-Class Vision does not have a frame, dirt and water can flow off easily. The module is extremely rigid thanks to the additional sheet of glass, which makes having a frame redundant.

The system in Haslach im Kinzigtal will produce approximately 96,600 kWh of power each year. A majority of this power will be self-consumed. The modules used are well suited for self-consumed power. The S-Class Vision has a longer life than other glass/foil modules with similar characteristics, thanks to its sturdy construction. Centrosolar provides a performance warranty of 30 years. The longer life span means that the system operator will be almost completely independent of energy suppliers and rising energy prices for 30 years, if they self-consume the power that they generate.

In developing this module, Centrosolar has introduced a new special type of glass that is very thin. This means that the module is almost as light as conventional glass/foil modules. The PV system has an inconspicuous, homogenous appearance on the roof, thanks to its black laminated, double-sided glass, black module clamps and frameless fittings. “With the new S-Class Vision module we have answered the needs of customers, who are not just looking for a powerful solar module, but also value a system with an attractive appearance. In the first few months since the market launch it has become clear that we have met many customers’ demands with the S-Class Vision,” reports Dr. Axel Müller-Groeling, Managing Director of Centrosolar AG.

The S-Class Vision module is available in performance classes ranging from 215 to 235 Wp. It can be installed in both on-roof and in-roof versions.

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