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Envision Solar Announces Major Technology Advancement for Solar Tree® Array

published: 2013-04-08 14:13

Envision Solar International, Inc.(“Envision Solar”) OTCBB:(EVSI – News)a leading sustainable infrastructure product designer and developer, announced that the company has successfully completed the engineering, manufacturing and installation of its engineered, pre-fabricated foundations for Solar Tree® Arrays. The first such foundations have received planning department approval and successfully deployed for a Solar Tree® structure deployment in California. A significant improvement from prior methods, this new pre-fabricated foundation is part of Envision Solar’s Drag & Drop Infrastructure™ product line that offers much faster, more efficient deployment of the Solar Tree® structures. The foundations were deployed in a few hours rather than several days using a method that creates far less risk and requires far fewer inspections and other time consuming and costly steps than the traditional methods formerly employed.

Envision Solar’s President and CEO, Desmond Wheatley, stated, “This is a major improvement to our product and a significant further step in our evolution towards product deployment and away from construction projects. This highly scalable approach enables us to deliver increased quality for less money and in much less time. Very importantly, we have worked out how to deploy these iconic structures with minimal impact to our customer’s locations. This will have a huge impact on our ability to execute on the very large volume of deployments we anticipate in the coming months and years. Great news for our customers and shareholders alike.”

The Solar Tree® structure’s foundation was the last component of the product that still required significant amounts of work in the field. Now an engineered solution will be delivered as part of Envision Solar’s Solar Tree on a Truck™. Foundations that used to take several days of fieldwork will now be delivered and installed in less than two hours resulting in dramatically reduced costs and impact to the customer location. Envision Solar’s product deployments will be exposed to significantly reduced risks associated with field labor, weather and site-specific conditions which are expensive and can result in cost overruns.

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