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Etón Corporation Announces the Availability of the BoostSolar

published: 2013-05-08 17:59

Etón Corporation, a leading creator of high-performance, eco-minded consumer products, announces the availability of the BoostSolar, a backup battery for handheld devices and tablets that is USB or solar powered. The newest edition to Etón’s Boost mobile charging line, BoostSolar can be charged via USB but also provides power via the sun when you don’t have access to power, ensuring that your favorite device never runs out of power. The BoostSolar is now available for purchase at Amazon.com and REI stores.

The BoostSolar has a high-efficiency solar panel that charges an interchangeable, rechargeable lithium battery (5000 mAh), enough to fully charge most smartphones two and one half times. The BoostSolar is a long-lasting source of reliable power, wherever you are. The BoostSolar will fully charge in 16 hours via the sun, or in seven hours by way of the Micro-USB DC input. It has a 5V/2A USB port for charging most mobile devices and tablets. The BoostSolar also boasts the ability to charge multiple backup batteries in succession – simply snap in a removable battery pack and allow it to charge, and then immediately replace it with another to gain unlimited backup power. With the press of a button, LED indicators show how much battery charge is remaining.

“With people constantly on-the-go, relying on their mobile devices to stay connected, it’s critical to be able to charge your devices no matter where you are,” said Esmail Hozour, CEO of Etón Corporation. “Traveling for work or for fun, in the city or on a camping trip; with its ability to charge handheld devices and its backup batteries, the BoostSolar gives you peace of mind when it comes to providing much-needed portable power.”

In addition to being durable and IPX-4-rated splash-proof, BoostSolar also features fastener holes that enable it to be easily attached to a backpack for maximum portability and to charge in the sun while you’re on the go.

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