Innovative Glass Corp Launches SolarSmart™ – a Sunlight Responsive, Self-tinting Glass

published: 2013-05-17 13:24 | editor: | category: News


Innovative Glass Corp announced today the availability of SolarSmart™, the newest addition to the eGlass® product line. SolarSmart is a self-tinting, high performance glass that automatically darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet light.
Unlike most other dynamic glass, SolarSmart is 100% solar activated, powered and controlled; requiring no wires, electronics, external power or user involvement. This dramatically simplifies installation, and maximizes potential energy savings.
The secret to SolarSmart lies in its proprietary Suntuitive™ interlayer which responds to the heat & warmth of the sun. With SolarSmart, the view is always preserved even in the darkest state.
According to Steve Abadi, Chairman of Innovative Glass, “Windows receive different amounts of solar energy throughout the day, month & year, due to changing angles and position of the sun. As the sun strikes and heats the glass, SolarSmart automatically and proportionately tints and darkens to maximize user comfort. It’s as reliable as the sunrise and sunset, always adapting to the environment.”
SolarSmart reduces the need for blinds and drapes, and will significantly cut the cooling & lighting costs of office buildings, schools and homes. In fact, studies indicate that buildings with SolarSmart can save up to 22% of installed equipment costs, supporting a quick return on investment.
SolarSmart has passed NREL’s stringent durability & exposure tests, and meets ASTM E2141-06 standards for long term, maintenance-free performance. SolarSmart is a reliable “net-zero-energy” glazing solution that contributes to LEED points credits in over 6 categories.
SolarSmart is available in the form of insulated glass units for curtainwalls, atriums & OEM applications, as well as complete windows, doors and skylights for contractor installation.
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