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Etón Corporation Announces the Availability of the Rugged rukus

published: 2013-05-24 9:54
Etón Corporation, a leading creator of high-performance, eco-minded consumer products, announces the availability of theRugged rukus. The Rugged rukus is a portable, Bluetooth wireless, solar-powered sound system featuring a durable and IPX4-certified splash-proof design. In addition, it has the ability to play music while simultaneously keeping your handheld device charged and ready for use. The Etón Rugged rukus is now available at Amazon.com, REI stores and Apple online and in-store locations.
“The Rugged rukus is extremely portable and splash-proof, so it’s easy to take your tunes with you anywhere and everywhere,” said Esmail Hozour, CEO of Etón Corporation. “Because you’re able to charge your smartphone and take advantage of its built-tough design, it’s essential gear for any outdoor adventure.”
With its lightweight and compact design, the Rugged rukus is an all-terrain, solar-powered, wireless speaker that has been designed to be tough without sacrificing awesome stereo sound. Featuring the ability to pair with any Bluetooth-compatible device, the Rugged rukuseffortlessly delivers crisp stereo sound using its two highly efficient, full-range speaker drivers. With the power to charge the internal lithium battery via the 20 square-inch high-efficiency solar panel or USB adapter, Rugged rukus is always ready to go. The added bonus of a built-in USB port enables you to charge your smartphone ensuring the party never stops. Five hours in direct sunlight fully charges the Rugged rukus—or plug it in and it charges in about 2 ½ hours. When it gets dark, the internal lithium battery will keep the music going for 8+ hours. Extremely durable, the Rugged rukus also features carabineer-ready loops, making it the perfect portable speaker for any outdoor activity.
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