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Distributor CES chooses European modules from ITS

published: 2013-08-09 17:29

The Scandinavian-German module manufacturer Innotech Solar AS (ITS) has secured the Austrian distributor CES Combi Energy Systems as a partner. CES sells ITS solar modules in Austria.

“It is up to us value-added resellers to protect European technology and production. This is why we have decided not to sell actively components from the Far East. We believe in high-quality products from European manufacturers,” states Gernot Gugerbauer, Renewable Energy Engineer at CES Combi Energy Systems. The globally active renewable energy systems provider sells products in the areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal technology and wind energy both in Austria and abroad. “With Innotech Solar, CES has found a reliable partner with excellent quality standards, whose wealth of ideas and technological edge meet our high expectations. ITS modules have high yields and are free from hot spots thanks to their special production process. And as if that wasn’t enough, the solar modules’ very short CO2 payback time certainly tipped the balance,” explains Gugerbauer.

ITS modules are made using optimized high-performance cells. The environmentally friendly production process reduces their carbon footprint by 74 percent in comparison with modules using conventional cells. Alongside ITS modules’ innovative production process, the use of renewable energy at the company’s manufacturing sites in Germany and Sweden, as well as the short transport routes improve the company’s environmental footprint.

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with CES. Our European production means we are able to be extremely responsive offering value added resellers such as CES short production lead-times,” says Dr. Thomas Hillig, Vice President Module Sales & Marketing at Innotech Solar. “The high demand for our solar modules from across the whole of Europe is a clear indication that there is a rising awareness and appreciation of proven, reliable quality and sustainable products.”

A multitude of tests by independent experts, such as Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin or PV Lab, have demonstrated the high performance, longevity and positive environmental impact of Innotech Solar modules.

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