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Smit Ovens and SoLayTec start co-operation on Large Area spatial ALD; to develop a tool for the Solliance CIGS/CZTS program

published: 2013-09-16 10:49

Smit Ovens and SoLayTec are joining forces for Large Area applications of spatial ALD. The cooperation creates maximum leverage of the experience of both companies to allow for a fast market introduction. Applications foreseen include buffer and barrier layers for Thin film PV and layers for improved TFT structures as required for OLED displays.

The process development tool which will be integrated in the existing CIGS development line is part of the CIGS/CZTS Solliance program. It will be used for development of alternative buffer layers as well as other layers that can improve device structure and performance.

Under the cooperation between Smit Ovens and SoLayTec it is agreed that both parties contribute on technical aspects that best match their experience. SoLayTec will focus on the injector head development in order to maximize the experience of their extremely successful product in the c-Si PV market, InPassion ALD. Smit Ovens will take the role of machine integrator and act as contract partner to the customers.

“We are very excited about this cooperation since it allows us to achieve two strategic targets at the same time,” says Wiro Zijlmans, CEO of Smit Ovens. “We are able to offer an advanced process solution for the buffer layer to our existing customers for CIGS crystallization. On top of that we are able to expand our market penetration in the Display market which we were already addressing with drying & sintering solutions.”

“After having successfully launched our first products in the market for crystalline PV, we now are able to use the proven deposition technology for the next market opportunity, “according Huib Heezen, managing director of SoLayTec. “Also, we are very enthusiastic about our cooperation with an experience player as Smit ovens as this enables us to market both our combined areas of expertise within a short time frame.” 

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