Most Power in Spain is Generated from Wind in 2013

published: 2013-12-25 11:05 | editor: | category: News

Spain’s national wind association, Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE) is checking data to confirm if the country is the first one which passes the annual milestone – generates more power from renewable ways.

Based on a mix of real figures and estimates for the final of the year, Red Eléctrica de España (REE) assumes that wind will have produced 21.1% the 246.17TWh of electricity consumed in Spain by end-2013, pipping nuclear's 21.0% at the post.

Coal is the next biggest power provider (14.6%) followed by large hydro (14.4%). Combined, REE reckons all renewables generation will have covered 42.4% of demand this year.

In 2011, wind power provided 17.1% of electricity generation in the country, and 18.1% in 2012. This year's figure is a 12% increase on 2012's figure. Besides, AEE estimates wind to have saved over €2.7 billion in fuel imports in 2013.

It also claims wind to have slashed wholesale electricity prices, which marked €7.69/MWh on the day of highest wind penetration (February 2nd), down from €93.11/MWh on the day of least wind penetration (December 8th).

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