Schneider Electric is now shipping the highly anticipated Conext Core XC-NA solar inverter

published: 2014-02-06 11:35 | category: News

Burnaby, Canada Schneider Electric Solar Business, a global enterprise in PV inverters and in electrical solutions for the solar power conversion chain, is now shipping the new Conext Core XC-NA Series – a new line of central inverters designed for high reliability and compatibility with any photovoltaic panel type and installation.

“We are very excited to announce that the Conext Core XC-NA is now shipping” said Laurent Bataille, Senior Vice President, for the Solar Business of Schneider Electric. “We have put this inverter through extensive safety, quality and reliability testing which includes dust, rain ingress, seismic and salt spray to ensure a very robust product. This is one of the most reliable central inverters on the market today. That, along with a strong service infrastructure and warranty from Schneider Electric ensures an inverter you can count on for increased uptime in any environment.”

The Conext Core XC-NA Series is an outdoor UL1741 certified version of the very successful Conext Core XC central inverter which was launched to the market in 2011. The Conext Core XC is a series of inverters in geographies as diverse and demanding as India, Thailand, Europe and Japan.

The Conext Core XC-NA is available in 540, 630 and 680 kW power ratings and is listed to 1000 VDC. It comes with integral AC and DC switchgear which meets the requirements of NEC 690.17, an integrated DC combiner with a variety of fuse sizes, optional monitoring and it is Ontario FIT compliant.

In order to ensure that the Conext Core XC-NA is ready to support future grid requirements, it is designed with highly configurable features like Reactive Power Control, Reactive Power at Night, Power Frequency Control, and Fault Ride-Through capability. It also integrates a smart PV ground fault detection scheme to reduce fire hazard risks in grounded PV installations.

Suited for large commercial applications over 500 kW and applications over 1 MW, the Conext Core XC-NA inverter seamlessly integrates with other Schneider Electric products to provide a comprehensive, bankable photovoltaic solution from a single provider.


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