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Taiwanese Producer Acquires Aleo Solar to Expand Solar Business Through Vertical Integration

published: 2014-02-10 17:35

Sunrise Global Solar, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based wafer producer, Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), announced on Feb 5th that they paid € 2 to acquire most of Aleo Solar’s equity share, in the name of its subsidiary, SCP.

SAS previously used JP¥ 28 billion to purchase COVALEN’s semi-conductor sector, which was 20% less than the JP¥ 35 billion negotiated earlier. This time, how they acquired Aleo Solar using € 2 shocked the whole industry. According to the contract, Aleo Solar still has to pay, in installments, a negative purchase price of € 10 million to SCP and €11.5 million of working capital and equivalent stock. Both acquisitions turned SAS into a bigger company. After acquiring Aleo Solar, SAS has become the second largest and fifth largest wafer manufacturer in Taiwan and the world, respectively.

 Aleo Solar, a subsidiary of Bosch, was one of the most important PV module manufacturers in Europe. As SCP acquired Aleo, the company can not only get raw material and equipment supply from German module manufacturer worth 280MW, but also own their production technology, trademark, and patent. Although Aleo Solar had to suffer from losses, SCP indicated that they will be able to turn around losses through vertical integration after acquiring Aleo Solar.

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