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Larson Electronics Releases a Solar Powered Generator with a Pneumatic Light Tower Mast

published: 2014-02-19 14:18

Larson Electronics released a Solar Powered Generator with a Pneumatic Light Tower Mast. This solar light tower includes 6 solar panels, a solar charging system, battery bank and a pneumatic mast mounted on a trailer.

Source: Larson Electronics

The SPLT-1.8K-400A-30 is a 1.8kW solar generator system that replenishes 200 amp hours of usable battery capacity per day. This unit is comprised of six 30-watt solar panels, generating a total maximum output of 1.8 kW. In this 24 volt system, each panel is terminated with a fused combiner box with a single lever action cut-off switch. With the switch set to the ‘on’ position, the combiner box passes power to the 80 amp capacity Outback Extreme charge controller. The charge controller charges a 400 amp battery bank.

The trailer houses a built in wire raceway that brings power from the component control center and batteries to the light mast. At the base of the light mast there is an access panel for making connections from the power source to the cabling within the pneumatic mast. The pneumatic mast reaches 30’ with the use of a low voltage air compressor located in the job box. The compressor is equipped with a pressure switch that maintains the pressure within the mast. Deploying for transport, the operator simply releases the pressure switch and the mast will slowly release pressure and lower to its full collapsed height of 8.25’.

“Our new solar powered pneumatic light mast is fully solar and requires no fuel to operate,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larsonelectronics.com. “In the event that there is an issue with the solar trailer, the operator can simply remove the SD card from the Mate 3 and send it in for analysis.”

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