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Schneider Electric Provided More than 1 GW PV-Solar service in 2013

published: 2014-03-05 13:33

The Solar Business of Schneider Electric, a manufacturer and service provider in solutions for the solar power conversion chain, has reached a major milestone at the end of 2013 by surpassing over 1GW of cumulated service contracts – the first one among other solar energy system and solutions companies.

This success helps Schneider Electric establish its position in the utility scale segment. Thanks to customers who chose to partner with Schneider Electric, the company successfully achieved the milestone.

“Schneider Electric can offer peace of mind and superior return on investment to customers owning photovoltaic assets thanks to the combination of locally dedicated service teams, an integrated PV solutions offering and monitoring and control system,” says Mr. Laurent Bataille, SVP of the Solar Business of Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric’s operations and maintenance services offering ranges from remote technical support to spare parts management to corrective and preventive maintenance of the complete balance of systems and fully leverages the advanced features of Conext Control, its PV plant monitoring and control system.

Conext Control delivers reliable, accurate and comprehensive data on one screen, under the complete Hypervision solution. This allows real-time PV power plant performance and availability reporting, combined with long term string ageing detection algorithms and soon available power forecasting capabilities. This information is accessible by both asset managers and Schneider Electric operation and maintenance teams to ensure superior uptime and maximized energy generation.

By leveraging Schneider Electric’s vast presence around the world and the cumulative experience of its global solar team, Schneider Electric operations teams and service engineers have unrivalled expertise and access to broad resources to ensure clients achieve a higher and most secure return on investment.

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