Australia May Launch Dumping and Subsidies Investigation on Chinese PV Products

published: 2014-03-06 17:41 | editor: | category: News

As the US-China and EU-China solar trade wars continue, it is reported that Australia may also start a dumping and subsidies investigation against Chinese PV products. The rumor suggests that the petition has just been raised while not yet been filed as a case. Confirmation might be uncovered in March, SolarStar reported.

Never set a tariff on PV products imported in, Australia is now rumored to start investigating on the products dumped from China. If it is confirmed affirmative, Australia, following after USA and EU, would become the third nation/region that attempts to protect local PV industry from Chinese shipment. Australian PV manufacturers are neither global big names nor competitive rivals for Chinese makers, the investigation therefore is an piece of astounded information for Chinese companies.

According to SolarStar, Chinese PV companies have tried to create more overseas markets like Japan, Australia and India since USA and EU started imposing extra duties on some of their products. Yingli and Suntellite are two of largest the Chinese exporters to Australia.

Despite the fact that the solar trade war seems to become a global phenomenon, Chinese PV makers will continue to optimize their producing processes and will have advanced reactions to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations, said Ding Wen-lei, Chairman of HangYu Solar Technology. “Local PV companies are on their ways to get rid of the reliance on foreign markets because of mature application market in our country,” added Ding.

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