Delta May Build Delta Taoyuan Plant V for Supercapacitor or Solar Inverter

published: 2014-03-13 15:51 | editor: | category: News

Delta Group’s board of directors has decided to build the Delta Taoyuan Plant V in northern Taiwan. The building cost is estimated TW $1.1 billion and it is planned to be completely built next year. Supercapacitors and solar inverters are both the possible products.

Bruce C.H. Cheng, founder of Delta Group, admitted in 2009 that his company had discovered disadvantages in Li-ion battery as the safety and capacity were problems to be conquerred. Therefore, Delta turned to develop supercapacitors, a product that can bring better profits. High charging efficiency, long lifecycle, high energy recovery efficiency and wide range of operating temperature are all advantages for supercapacitors to be used for EV assists, consumer electronics and solar/wind power system, aspects that are correspondent with Delta’s development targets.

Solar inverter is another candidate for the Delta Taoyuan Plant V. Delta didn’t separate the solar inverter business apart from the Grope after DelSolar Co. Ltd., a solar subsidiary of Delta Group, was being combined with Neo Solar Power Corp last year. This act might express Delta’s ambition to develop better solar inverters.

Accordingly, it is said that the Delta Taoyuan Plant V may be built for supercapacitors or solar inverters.

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