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Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa Completes Landmark Solar Project

published: 2014-03-17 13:28

The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten, as part of the Westin brand, has extended the wellness concept to the planet by completing a solar installation that allows the resort to produce six to eight hours of its own power during peak times.

The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa is not only the first Westin hotel or resort in the world -- but also the only major resort in the Caribbean -- to complete and utilize solar panels to replace its energy consumption throughout the resort. The resort began taking advantage of the island’s abundance of sunshine in 2007 with the installation of solar panels to heat the water used in the property’s guest rooms.

Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa's solar installation that allows the resort to produce six to eight hours of its own power during peak times (Photo Credit: Westin Down Beach Resort & Spa / Business Wire)

The resort’s owner, Columbia Sussex Corporation, working with OneWorld Sustainable, has completed the installation of 2,602 Lightway solar panels for a total system capacity of 755 kW. The completed solar system will produce approximately 1,223,000 kW/hours per year. This is enough electricity to power 111 average sized American homes. The system will avoid 1.9 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions or the equivalent of CO2 emissions from energy used by 43 homes annually, or 707 acres of forest preserved from deforestation by carbon sequestering.

To install the panels and mounting hardware, OneWorld Sustainable worked with a local St. Maarten company whose employees provided valuable assistance during the three month-long project. OneWorld Sustainable’s President, Tim Blackwell, states, “In very few places around the world does it make better sense to utilize the power of the sun to generate electricity than in the Caribbean.”

Dan Szydlowski, Regional Director, states, “With sunshine nearly guaranteed year round, we saw only positive attributes to making this capital and environmental sustainability investment.

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