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Shintec Hozumi Uses PV-Charged Battery for EVs as a Solution for Emergency

published: 2014-04-11 10:48

Shintec Hozumi, a Japanese automotive manufacturer, works with Kyocera Communication Systems Co. Ltd. (KCCS) to tranform its renewable energy application project and BCP (business continuity planning) by developing an EV battery which can be charged by PV system for emergency use.

To reduce power cost and environmental load, Shintec Hozumi installed 230 kW of Kyocera-made solar panels on the company’s rooftop to generate solar power for self-consumption. Besides, it has introduced “solar recycle station for EV” for its company cars, which are PHVs and EVs, to be charged through PV system as a part of the company’s BCP solution. Nikkei BP reported the project collaborated with KCCS a new application that turns PV-charged batteries into power supplements when emergency occurs. All these systems are designed and constructed by KCCS.

The PV system can offer electricity when there is a power black-out. Additionally, the PHVs with PV system can also be charged through engines equipped on them to supply power when PV system doesn’t work. This is an example of Japan’s nationwide preparation for natural disasters after the 311 earthquake.

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