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China to Reform Energy Industry’s Structure for a Better Industrial Future

published: 2014-04-23 16:10

Led by Li Keqiang, the Premier of State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the new phase of China’s National Energy Commission was held on April 18th. Li announced at the Commission that the nation will reinforce the industrialization of electric vehicle production, constructions of wind and solar power plants, and power transmission infrastructure.

Li emphasized the importance of energy, designating it as the foundation of modernization. As the world is facing challenges from economic restructuring and stronger requirement to eco-friendly development, it’s necessary to rethink the nation’s energy strategies regarding nuclear, wind, solar power and other resources. This may indicate a wider opportunity for the country’s leading renewable resources like wind and solar.

According to Li’s announcement, the central government has planned to build a power transmission channel, which uses ultra-high-voltage electricity transmission technology, to transmit electricity from the West to the East. This is to optimize power deployment, improve efficiency and reduce waste. The nation will also “accelerate approvals of constructions of cleaner coal-fired power plants to control the air pollution,” added Li.

Li also stated that China will launch some required nuclear power plants along the eastern coast under the highest international standards. Hydropower projects, in addition, won’t be started constructing until there is a complete environmental protecting program.

“Structural reformation of energy strategies is the key to achieve the industrial restructuring,” emphasized Li. “We suggest to open some competitive business and encourage investors to pay more attention to energy development under a fair competition.”

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