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The Movitz, an Electric Ferry Can be Charged in Only 10 Minutes!

When it comes to electric vehicles, charging is always a big thing to consider. However, a ferry company in Stockholm, where electricity and water mix, recently revealed an electric ferry that can be charged in only 10 minutes.

Working in Stockholm, the Movitz is a 75-foot electric ferry that can carry 100 passengers. Stockholm’s Green City Ferries retrofitted it into a battery-powered ferry and replace its diesel engine by a pair of 125 kW electric motors. What’s the most attractive is its charging system – only 10 minutes for the ship’s hybrid batteries to be charged for running for about one hour.

The system is designed by Echandia Marine, a startup founded by a marine electrification engineer. Besides, this electric ferry project is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency for it is an eco-friendly innovation.

“The conversion will cut 130 tons of CO2 emissions and 1.5 tons of NOx emission while cutting operating costs by 30%,” Echandia said in a report at www.wired.com.

Source: Stockholm’s New Electric Ferry Takes Just 10 Minutes to Charge

The Movitz. (Photo Credit: Echandia Marine)
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