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Siemens Signs 10-Years, 930MW of Wind Service Contracts in North America

published: 2014-05-07 17:08

Siemens Energy has been awarded several 10-year wind service agreements encompassing over 400 onshore wind turbines in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The customer is Pattern Energy Group Inc., based in San Francisco, California. Combined, the scope of these long-term contracts represents one of Siemens’ largest agreements with a single customer in North America.

Tim Holt, CEO of Service Renewables, a business unit of the Siemens Energy Service Division, commented this as an important milestone as “more and more wind energy is placed into service, our commitment is to provide long-term added value to customers like Pattern Energy in order to help them realize favorable performance throughout the turbines’ lifecycle.”

Helping Pattern Energy obtain continued reliability, availability and performance of the turbines, Siemens will provide the long-term service and maintenance, as well as technology updates, for six Pattern Energy wind projects located in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico with a combined output of over 930 MW. Currently operating projects included in the new service agreements totally represent around 757MW. In addition to the projects currently in operation, Siemens has also signed a 10-year service agreement for the Panhandle 2 wind project, 182MW, in Texas, which Pattern Energy has agreed to acquire when the project reaches operation later this year.

The Siemens service program focuses on providing a tiered range of flexible services to help customers achieve high availability throughout the lifecycle of the wind turbines and wind farms. Intelligent service offerings such as the company’s innovative remote monitoring and diagnostics help customers achieve optimum performance from their wind turbines. These systems provide real-time data for predictive maintenance at well-timed intervals, as well as helping to identify potential issues in advance, allowing for a proactive response. The large amounts of data can reveal trends that can then be interpreted and closely analyzed by Siemens experts, contributing to improved service and maintenance regimes based on overall field performance, as well as to future design technology.

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