GCL-Poly Formed Sales Contract and Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Japanese Corperations

published: 2014-05-26 11:33 | editor: | category: News

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited entered into a sales contract and a strategic cooperation agreement respectively with Risen Energy Co., Ltd. and Japan Energy Construction Corporation at GCL-Poly’s booth during the 8th session of SNEC.

Mr. Shu Hua, executive president of GCL-Poly, signed long-term contracts respectively with Mr. Ren Jiatong, purchasing manager of Risen Energy Co., Ltd, and Mr. Takeda, CEO of Japan Energy Construction Corporation. They all toasted the win-win cooperation. GCL-Poly signed an agreement on the sale of wafers with Risen Energy Co., Ltd and entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan Energy Construction Corporation.

Mr. Shu Hua indicated that the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement was an important step towards cluster branding for GCL-Poly. Such cluster branding has not only fostered the long-term, friendly and close cooperation relationships between GCL-Poly and its multiple domestic and international partners, but also helped the company diversify its sales markets and attract customers that are geographically dispersed. As such, GCL-Poly’s products are well-placed to fully leverage the leading brands and create more value for customers, enabling the company to expand the market together with its customers. 

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