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IdeemaSun Completed a Solar Power Plant in UK with Hanwha SolarOne’s Modules

published: 2014-05-27 13:40

Designed and built by German EPC IdeemaSun, a 3.2MW PV system in Suffolk, U.K., was completed with about 13,000 panels of Hanwha SolarOne’s 60-cell polycrystalline modules. The solar park is expected an annual output of 3.1 million kWh and more U.K. projects with a total capacity of approximately 30 MW are already being developed by IdeemaSun.

Photo Credit: IdeemaSun

“The success of our projects and the long-term satisfaction of our investors is largely determined by the quality of engineering, the components used and the professional as well as quick installation”, said Meik Rekowski, Managing Director at IdeemaSun energy GmbH. “Hanwha SolarOne supports us with their reliable logistics and flexible services. This makes the company an ideal partner for a lasting cooperation.”

Hanwha SolarOne delivered another 4.1 MW of PV solar modules to IdeemaSun energy GmbH. The PV modules will power a large-scale solar project in Kelheim near Regensburg, Germany.

Developed by the engineers at IdeemaSun, this 4.1 MW solar park utilizes the horizontal tracking system safeTrack Horizon which can increase the output by up to 13 % compared with fixed systems. Another advantage of the tracking system is the evenly distributed power output throughout the day, contributing positively to grid stabilization. Furthermore, less area is utilized compared to a conventional PV plant with southern orientation. Total installed capacity of the park will be 8 MW, expected annual output is 8.75 million kWh.

“The impressive accomplishments of IdeemaSun are based on a unique business model, with expertise covering all aspects of solar installations,” said Stefan Ams, Sales Director Germany at Hanwha SolarOne GmbH. “We are proud to have contributed to their successful projects throughout Europe, and look forward to continuing the cooperation.”

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