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SolarWorld Helps Constructing Mexico’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array

published: 2014-06-24 14:21

An audio-headset factory in Tijuana, Mexico, is now home to the largest, privately owned roof-mounted solar installation in all of Latin America. The 1.16 MW system features solar panels, racking and system engineering from SolarWorld, and it will power Plantronics, a global producer of audio communications headphones.

The rooftop project is the second of SolarWorld solar panels at a Plantronics facility. In 2011, the headset manufacturer installed 608 kilowatts of roof-mounted and carport-mounted solar arrays at its headquarters in Santa Cruz, California.

“Being responsible with the environment is not a luxury, it is a commitment,” said César López, director of government relations for Plantronics Tijuana. “As part of that commitment, it was important to us to select SolarWorld solar panels and racking, which are manufactured in North America according to the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability.”

Developed and installed by 3Tek Solar, about 1.14 MW of SolarWorld’s PV panels are mounted on the factory’s industrial metal-seam roof using SolarWorld’s Sunfix Plus racking product. An additional 20 kilowatts are installed atop a covered walkway at the factory’s entrance. The system also features SMA Sunny Central inverters. The installation is expected to produce 1.9 GW/h of renewable energy each year. The power output will offset about 70% of Plamex’s energy needs at the Tijuana plant.

“As a company with business ties to Latin America dating back more than 30 years, SolarWorld has long understood that solar power is an essential part of the region’s energy mix,” said Mukesh Dulani, U.S. president of SolarWorld. “We’re pleased to team with longtime partners, like 3Tek SOLAR and Plantronics, to expand the reach and profile of solar energy in Mexico’s fast-emerging market.”

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