Mitsubishi Corporation Participates in Shams Ma’an Solar PV Project in Jordan

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Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) participates in the largest solar PV project in Jordan, Shams Ma’an. The project will be operated by three companies: MC’s 100% subsidiary Diamond Generating Europe, Ltd., (DGE), Qatar-based Nebras Power Q.S.C. (Nebras), a subsidiary of Qatar Electricity & Water Company Q.S.C. (QEWC) and Kawar Group (Kawar) from Jordan the Shams Ma’an lead developer. Equity share will be DGE 35%, Nebras 35% and Kawar 30%. Operations are scheduled to start in early 2016.

Facing an increase in electricity demand of 7% per annum due to steady economic growth, the Government of Jordan has decided to promote the privatization of electric power in order to enhance generation capacity. A renewable energy law, enacted in 2012, also targets developing approximately 1,600 MW of renewable energy by 2020.

This project, with a capacity of 52.5 MW, will be located at Ma’an Development Area (MDA) in the southern part of Jordan, and a long-term Power Purchase Agreement has already been signed by the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) for the entire output of the plant from 2016.

In 2011, MC donated a solar energy facility to supply electricity to Petra, UNESCO World Heritage site in Jordan, and in 2012, participated in a 600 MW reciprocating engine technology power plant project near Amman. The latter project is slated to start operations by the end of 2014.

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