Volvo and ABB Sign to Deliver Complete Electrified Bus Solutions to Cities

published: 2014-07-22 14:35 | editor: | category: News

Under a global partnership agreement, Volvo Buses and ABB will work together to deliver electrified buses and related solutions to certain cities. Volvo will supply electric-hybrid buses and full-electric buses, and ABB, according to the agreement, will supply standard-based fast-charging solutions for the electric vehicles.

“Together with ABB, we have a complete and competitive offer for cities around the world that want to switch to a sustainable public transport system,” said Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Buses. “Electric-hybrid buses and full electric buses are tomorrow’s solution for urban public transport. Volvo will team up with a few global actors in this field, and ABB is one of them.”

“Volve and ABB share the same vision of e-mobility for a better world,” said Pekka Tiitinen, head of ABB’s Discrete Automation and Motion division. “Urbanization is at a historic high and is stretching the transport infrastructure of cities around the world. Our collaboration will help to support sustainable and cost-efficient transportation solutions to meet rising commuter demand.”

The partnership involves working towards a standardization of automatic e-bus fast charging on the market. This can include the communications protocol between infrastructure charging solution and e-bus, electrical interface, and specification of the automatic connection system (ACS). The ACS is located on the roof of the bus and connects the bus with the fast charger at selected charging stops.

The first joint project will be the implementation of Volvo Electric Hybrids and automatic e-bus chargers in the Luxembourg public transport system. Potentially 12 Volvo Electric Hybrid buses operated by Sales-Lentz will be running on existing public bus lines in Luxembourg as of 2015.

Sales-Lentz was an early adopter and the first European operator running Volvo Hybrids already in 2009 as well. This project is another strong example of a public & private partnership between Sales-Lentz, the ministries of Luxembourg and Volvo Buses. The project is integrated into Luxembourg’s Mobility Network (LMN), a network that links different mobility projects in the Grand Duchy to exploit synergies and develop common visions for the mobility of the future.

The Volvo Electric Hybrid, which reduces energy consumption by 60% compared with a conventional diesel bus, will be officially launched at the IAA exhibition in Hannover in Germany in September. Volvo’s first full electric buses will be launched in June 2015 within the ElectriCity project in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Volvo Buses launched its first hybrid bus in 2009 and has delivered nearly 1,600 hybrids to 21 countries. The company is a leader in electro mobility. Its partner, ABB, is a sustainable mode of transport by providing efficient charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles. 

(Photo Credit: Volvo Buses Image & Film Gallery)

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