Japan’s METI Announces to Cancel 1.8GW of Solar Project

published: 2014-09-16 17:25 | editor: | category: News

After investigating Japan’s solar projects, the nation’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has confirmed that 1.82GW of approved projects will be canceled.

According to Yoichi Kimura, an officer at METI, the Japanese government had decided to announce the cancelation or abandonment of 647 non-residential solar projects approved in fiscal year 2012, totaling 1.82GW. The announcement was unveiled on September 10th.

The canceled capacity accounts for 9.7% of the total non-residential solar capacity approved in FY 2012. Kimura pointed out that METI will investigate another 351 cases (2.7GW) to know if they have been secured for land or necessary equipment. The investigation is based on a new policy implemented since April 1st, 2014 which requires solar project to secure land and equipment within the first six months of getting approvals.

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