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Juwi’s Off-Grid Division Puts Two Solar-Diesel-Hybrid Systems on the Maldives into Operation

published: 2014-10-06 11:35

The projects on the islands of Ungoofaaru and Kudahuvadhoo brought some challenges to the juwi Off-Grid specialists. But thanks to their detailed implementation planning and years of experience in building photovoltaic power plants, the juwi engineers flexibly adjusted the construction works to the local circumstances. In less than three months, the two island projects have thus been put into operation in due time. juwi engineer Steffen Rauer: “Ramadan meant that we had to rethink our work organization. But we have quickly adjusted our processes on site in dialogue with the local workmen.”

 The project was realized for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). On a total of eight roof tops, juwi – the specialist for renewable energy from Wörrstadt in Germany – installed more than 1,280 solar panels with a joint capacity of 327 kilowatt peak. With the Solar Fuel Saver, the PV plants were integrated into the existing diesel generator systems which provide the islands’ power supply. Norbert Borchert, Senior Technical Manager with juwi’s Off-Grid Division, explains the System: “The solar energy is fed directly into the islands’ grids. This reduces the electricity demand at the diesel generator. The Solar Fuel Saver controls the feed-in power of the solar plant considering the diesel generators’ operation point.”
Thanks to the hybrid solution, approximately 115,000 liters of diesel can be saved every year – good news for the environment as well as for FENAKA, the local utility that is operating the two plants. Additionally, the integrated data logger as well as the associated online portal give the operator an overview of the numerous parameters of the PV-plants and the diesel generators.
The control equipment applied comes from SMA Solar Technology. Volker Wachenfeld, SMA Senior Vice President Hybrid Energy Solutions, states: “We are very happy to have once again – together with juwi – contributed to the successful installation of an island-based PV-diesel project. The SMA Fuel Save Controller was the ideal solution for the high technical standards required for realizing the two projects on the Maldives.”

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