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ALEO Solar to Present New Module Suitable to Weak Light at Solar Energy UK

published: 2014-10-09 12:26

aleo solar GmbH will be unveiling its new 300 watt high-power module boasting improved weak light behavior at the Solar Energy UK exhibition, taking place in Birmingham from 14th to 16th October 2014. Even with a very weak irradiation of 200 W/m², the aleo module is able to work at its full efficiency level of 18.3%.

aleo solar GmbH took over the business and “aleo” brand from aleo solar AG in May this year to continue operations as a separate company with the majority of production and sales staff remaining in its employment, while aleo solar AG is currently in the process of being liquidated.

“Our new high-power modules should receive particular interest from countries like the United Kingdom, where a cloudy sky is more usual than in southern Europe, for example,” reports Günter Schulze, Managing Director of aleo solar GmbH. “The new aleo modules operate at full capacity even when the mounting angle is not ideal, making it very flexible to install.”

While weak light reduces the efficiency of conventional monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar modules by 3-5%, aleo solar’s new 300 Watt modules maintain the same level of efficiency even in diffuse or dim light. This is thanks to a combination of carefully selected components and state-of-the art solar cells: special cell connectors guide more light into the cells, while anti-reflection coated front glass and a highly transparent EVA film increase the luminous efficacy.

Thanks to their special characteristics, the modules generate roughly 20% more power over the same surface area than standard 250 watt modules, which also results in markedly reduced installation times.

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