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Motech and GET Partner to Improve Wafer and Solar Cell Competitiveness

published: 2014-10-29 11:19

Motech, a Taiwan-based PV cell manufacturer, and Green Energy Technology (GET), a subsidiary of Tatung Corporation, has formed a new strategic partnership specializing in silicon wafer production. The cooperation is expected to cut costs of wafer and cell manufacturing and improve their competitiveness.

GET is a leader in Taiwanese PV industry because of its 2GW wafer capacity and high-efficiency cell technologies. Its R&D and cost control are recognized as the head of Taiwanese makers as well. With GET’s excellent experiences in producing, managing, operating and procuring, Motech believes the new partnership is able to improve its PV cell productivity.

“Motech and GET are strategic partners for a long time,” said a spokesman in GET. “As one of the leaders of Taiwanese PV cells manufacturers, Motech has been focusing on building its own brand. Our wafer technology can significantly improve Motech’s performance.”

The cooperation is expected to increase both companies’ capacity and quality of silicon wafers and PV cells. GET will share its wafer technology with Motech for integrating Motech’s cell manufacturing process and reducing production costs. In addition, this partnership will help Motech turn to PV cell R&D and innovations, which is believed to be beneficial to both companies.

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