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Toyota Unveils “Mirai” the Future Fuel Cell Vehicle

published: 2014-11-18 14:44

Toyota unveils “Mirai,” a new generation fuel cell electric vehicle powered by hydrogen. “Mirai” means “Future,” and it will be available to customers in California beginning in fall 2015, with additional markets tracking the expansion of a convenient hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Powered by a fuel cell electric drivetrain and supported by an 360-degree ownership experience, Mirai marks a new generation for consumer expectations for a zero-emission vehicle.

Making its Mark with Performance

Mirai’s fuel cell stack combines hydrogen gas from tanks with oxygen to produce electricity that powers the electric motor. Toyota’s proprietary fuel cell delivers one of the world’s best power outputs of 3.1 kW/L at a reduced size that fits under the front driver and passenger seats. The system provides Mirai with a maximum output of 153hp, accelerating from 0-60 in 9.0 seconds and delivering a passing time of 3 seconds from 25-40 mph.

Furthermore, fuel cell technology’s versatility and adaptability help the Mirai perform better than a traditional automobile. The vehicle will be offered with an optional power take off (PTO) device that enables Mirai to serve as a mobile generator in case of emergency. With the PTO accessory, Mirai is capable of powering home essentials in an average house for up to a week in an emergency – while emitting only water in the process.

Safe and Reliable Transportation

Toyota began fuel cell development in Japan in the early 90s and have developed a series of fuel cell vehicles. The Toyota-designed carbon fiber hydrogen tanks have also undergone extreme testing to ensure their strength and durability in a crash. This extended legacy of research and development is reflected in Mirai’s safety and reliability. At Toyota’s advanced Higashifuji Safety Center, the vehicle has been subjected to extensive crash testing to evaluate a design specifically intended to address frontal, side and rear impacts and to provide excellent protection of vehicle occupants. A high level of collision safety has also been achieved to help protect the fuel cell stack and high-pressure tanks against body deformation.

Mirai will also feature a broad range of standard onboard safety technologies, including vehicle pre-collision, blind spot monitor, lane departure alert, drive start control and automatic high beams.

Focused on the Consumer

When it hits the market in 2015, customers can take advantage of Mirai’s $499 per month/36 month lease option, with $3649 due at lease signing, or purchase the vehicle for $57,500. With combined state and federal incentives of $13,000 available to many customers, the purchase price could potentially fall to under $45,000.

The vehicle will be matched by a comprehensive, 360-degree Ownership Experience offering a range of services, including: 24/7 concierge service; 24/7 enhanced roadside assistance; three years of Toyota Care maintenance; Eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on fuel cell components; Entune and three years of complimentary Safety Connect; and, complimentary hydrogen fuel for up to three years.

In addition, Toyota continues to support the development of a convenient and reliable hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

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