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Solar Tree to “Grow” in Bristol City Center

published: 2014-11-24 18:31

There will be a 4m (13ft) tall “solar tree” installed in the center of Bristol, UK. The “solar tree” is made of steel and covered in 36 solar panel “leaves”. It will replace a real tree that’s about to be removed due to old age in Millennium Square.

The “solar tree” is designed by local sculptor and artist, John Packer, while the tree’s 36 solar PV panels have been handmade by people recovering from addiction at the Bristol Drugs Project.

"The solar panels mimic the process of leaves to collect and transform solar energy throughout the day but do not intend to imitate them in form," said Mr Packer, in his design statement.

Embedded with solar-powered phone charging points, the “wind blown” sculpture will also offer free wi-fi.

Dan Quiggin, from Demand Energy Equality which came up with the idea, said the "large spectacular object" was to increase awareness of energy issues.

"It's the size of a large garden tree, so it's pretty big," said Mr Quiggin.

"It's artistic and slightly wind blown and it's going to power mobile phone charging points so people can sit around the tree and charge their phones and log onto some free wi-fi."


Source: 'Solar tree' to replace real tree in Bristol city centre

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