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Cell Prices to Increase as Taiwan Producers Request for Zero-Tax-Rate Next Year

published: 2014-12-26 11:32

Motech’s cell business may have better outlook after the anti-dumping tax rate was revised down by the US Department of Commerce (DOC). In order to increase cell prices, Motech is planning to go to the US next year to request for zero-tax-rate, getting rid of all the negative impacts caused by the punitive tariffs.

Taiwan manufacturers pointed out that the anti-dumping tax rate can only be adjusted every year during the re-examination. Whether the whole thing can be reversed will mainly depend on the US International Trade Commission (ITC)’s decision on January 20th, 2015. If ITC announces that Taiwan manufacturers have no harm to the US PV industry, the anti-dumping tax rate will be dismissed.

Imposed with the lowest tax rate, Motech continues to run at full capacity and its cell unit price has reflected an uptrend since this past week. Although Gintech’s tax rate was higher, it is also running at full capacity even though there are still obstacles to ship the products to the US. It’s projected that orders will remain stable next January. Taiwan producers believe that the uptick in cell prices will lead to higher wafer prices under the high-efficiency trend.

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