Summary of EnergyTrend’s 2014 Yearly Reviews

published: 2014-12-31 17:16 | category: News

For renewable energy, what is the most impressive news in 2014? What is the most influential change to the solar PV industry? As 2015 is just around the corner, EnergyTrend has compiled and written a series of review in four aspects – yearly overview, technology, policy and market research – to take a look back to the key moments in 2014 for the outlook to 2015.

Review 1: The Changing Green Energy Industry

  • Focus Areas of 2014: New Energy, New Policy, New Strategy
    1. Trade Wars
    2. Carbon Emission Reduction
    3. Altering Policies
    4. Emerging Markets
  • Companies Changes


Review 2: Advances in PV Technology

  • High Efficiency Solar Cells Enters the Market
    1. PERC Technology
    2. N-Type Solar Cells
    3. Other achievements in high efficiency cells
  • BIPV Applications with Various Kinds of Solar Cells
  • Summary of 2014’s Innovative Green Technologies


Review 3: Policy and Market Shift Lead to Changes in PV Development

  • Policy and Industry
    Incentives and Development – FiT and subsidy
    FiT Policy
    Subsidy Difficulty
  • Solar Trade Wars


Review 4: EnergyTrend’s Keywords of the Year: Anti-Dumping and Countervailing, Capacity Expansion, and Emerging Markets

  • Top 10 Keywords from EnergyTrend’s Research
    Keywords of supply chain: capacity expansion, high efficiency products
    Keywords of solar trade wars: China, Anti-dumping and countervailing , global allocation
    Keywords of Energy Policy: National target, Feed-in Tariffs (FiT)
    Keywords of Markets: distributed generation, company merger, emerging markets
  • 2014~2015 Market Review and OutlookMarket analysisTrends in 2015
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