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Exosun to Supply 20 MW of Solar Trackers for Four French PV projects

published: 2015-01-08 15:13

Exosun has signed agreements with three major players in the renewable energy field to 20MW of supply trackers for four new PV plants in France.

These solar plants, totaling 20 MW of installed power, will allow to rehabilitate four brownfields: two will be installed on landfills, another one on an abandoned gravel pit, and the fourth one on a derelict industrial site. The sites are expected to produce a total of 28,300 MWh annually, enough electricity to power close to 10,000 homes.

The plants will be equipped with Exosun’s Exotrack HZ horizontal single-axis solar trackers, motorized structures that orient PV panels toward the sun throughout the day, to significantly increase solar plant output i n comparison to fixed-tilt structures.

In order to address soil settlement, typical of landfills, Exosun developed a new adjustable foundation system. This product adaptation preserves the integrity of waste containment, while guaranteeing optimum solar tracking. The company will additionally be in charge of their commissioning planned for the summer of 2015.

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