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Hanergy to Power Guangzhou Honda Factory with Solar Energy

published: 2015-02-03 11:18

Guangzhou Honda's factory at Zengcheng will be partly powered by solar energy following the official establishment of the 17MW distributed PV project jointly launched with Hanergy. The power generated through the PV project will fulfill at least 20% of the building’s power demand, and the surplus power will be sold to the city’s local power grid.

The 17MW distributed building-integrated PV project is the biggest of its type in the country's auto industry. It covers a total floor space of around 230,000 square meters and is capable of generating 19 million kWh of electricity each year, or 50,000 to 60,000 kWh per day – which can be translated into 890 tons of standard coal saving each year and 950,000 trees planting. Moreover, the rooftop panels have other, hidden benefits that include extending the life of the factory's PVC-covered roofs and lowering the factory's interior temperature by three degrees Celsius, according to Hanergy, which will be responsible for the operation of the PV project.

"The 17MW distributed PV project we launched with Hanergy is Guangzhou Honda's response to the country's call for emissions reduction, which we regard as our responsibility to the environment as well as to society," said Yu Jun, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Honda.

Wang Junjuan, vice president of Hanergy Holding Group who actually oversees the project, said that Hanergy's persistence in developing clean energy has matched Guangzhou Honda's pursuit of value in a green economy. She affirmed that the shared rights and responsibilities of running the PV project will be a model for other clean energy makers seeking diversified profit modes. Wang declined to elaborate on the joint project's profitability, insisting that the bank, not her, will have the final word on the matter.

"Although the central government has provided a subsidy of RMB 0.42 yuan (USD$6.86 cents) on each kilowatt hour of PV electricity generated, the banks have been excessively cautious in issuing loans. However, this project managed to secure a loan from ICBC, which is well known for its prudence," said Wang, implying that the bank's confidence predicts a profitable future for the PV project.

(Photo Credit: Guangzhou Honda)

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