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Risen Energy Signs 1.2GW PV Agreements with Governments of Inner Mongolia

published: 2015-04-16 11:20

Risen Energy Co., Ltd and the governments Wuhai City and Haibowan district in Inner Mongolia have signed agreements to supply 200Mw of PV modules and to construct 1GW of solar projects in Wuhai City over the next three to five years.

Wuhai City is a new industrial city in the western part of Inner Mongolia, and it is the junction of northern China and northwest China as well as the center of the Yellow River Economic area. Moreover, it is the economic area junction of Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Gansu. The total solar radiation here is 1650-1700 kWh / (SQM/Year). In order to make full use of the natural conditions which include vast mountainous, wasteland, coal reserves, mining reclamation areas and rich solar energy, Risen Energy will invest and construct the 200MW solar modules project. Meanwhile, Risen will set up a company to construct 1GW of solar stations during a 3-5 year period in Wuhai City through friendly consultations.

Mr. Wang Hong, the president of Risen Energy Co., Ltd, said “If the agreement is successfully approved, the domestic market share of PV modules of Risen will be expanded. Moreover, it will improve the production and sales of PV modules in China and the exploiting, constructing and operating layout of PV power stations, which is good for the development and long-term planning of Risen Energy.”

(Photo: A 15MW PV project owned by Risen Energy in Inner Mongolia.)

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