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Billion Electric Optimizes Solar Production with BEsmart Solar Cloud Technology

published: 2015-04-16 17:49

Billion Electric, a Taiwan-based solution provider of Smart Energy and Smart Grid, celebrates the fourth annual partnership with one of the largest Australian solar PV developers. The BEsmart Solar Monitoring System utilizes the cloud technology to maximize solar assets’ management and increase the yield of energy production.

The importance of green and sustainable energy resources is widely recognized and Australia is not an exception. The adoption of clean energy in Australia has been rapidly growing among residential users, and solar is regarded as a cost-efficient replacement of expensive electricity resources. Hundreds of thousands of Australian people start to install small solar systems on top of their households, collect sunlight, and exchange into additional monthly paycheck with utility companies. To help the homeowners who are normally ignorant of electrical status of PV systems, Billion Electric introduces the BEsmart cloud solution for easily monitoring, managing and maintenance.

Billion Electric and its Australian customer’s partnership helps the solar owners with easy access to the status of their solar systems. The BEsmart solar cloud solution integrates smart meters, internet gateways and cloud software in every solar installation. The intelligent monitoring system assists the business in highlighting problematic areas and closely monitoring daily solar generation. Solar installer, on the other hand, can ensure that clients' solar systems are working at the most optimum level, maximizing solar generation and increasing power returned to the grid.

Solar power has become more profitable and the sales value of solar installers has significantly risen over the past four years. With more tools and equipment, both solar installers and owners can earn more money through the solar generation business. Professional monitoring services such as BEsmart Solar Cloud solution are proven to lead to long-term profits. For solar system providers, BEsmart solution allows them to provide system performance reports and collect monitoring fees; for PV system owners, the service provides complete and transparent access to their solar assets so that they can build solar groups or opt for the most adequate solar solution among different service providers.

"By combing energy measurement with the latest Internet of Things (IoTs) technology, solar installers can assist their clients in monitoring the real-time status of solar systems built at scattered locations,” said Commenting on the new business model, Jason Liao, Deputy Manager of the Power and Energy Management Division at Billion Electric Co. Ltd. “BEsmart Solar Cloud Solution not only drastically increases the convenience of remote asset management, but also optimizes the yield of solar power production. This energy monitoring facility will surely become an essence that every solar system must have in the foreseeable future.”

With revenue of ten million USD dollars per year, Billion has distributed over 7000 sets of solar energy management solution to the solar installer who provides additional monitoring service for over 15,000 solar owners since 2011.

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