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Billion Electric Maximizes Solar Power Efficiency by “BEsmart” Cloud Solutions

published: 2015-04-15 17:42

Billion Electric Co, Ltd., a solution provider of smart energy and smart grid, launched two intelligent cloud solutions respectively for monitoring solar power systems and saving power consumption. The cloud-based system series, titled “BEsmart”, integrates with smart meter and internet smart gateway so that it is able to maximize energy production of solar systems and optimize ROI.

BEsmart Solar Cloud and Energy Cloud are the two major technologies of Billion Electric’s comprehensive cloud-computing solution especially designed for solar systems. The BEsmart solutions utilize network communication technology to detect and manage solar systems through three major components: (1) smart meter, (2) internet smart gateway, and (3) an intelligent cloud computing system. The front-end electronic meter measures the power generated from solar inverters and transfers the data to a smart gateway corresponding to ZigBee, Power Line, and 3G wireless. The internet gateway bridges a seamless network communication between a Billion-provided back-end cloud computing platform assembling the status of solar power generation into an analytic report. Authorized administers can access to the performance reports and diagnosis of multiple solar systems anywhere, anytime.

In addition, BEsmart Energy Cloud serves as a “detector” of the system and prevents fatal electrical incidents through closely measuring the energy consumption of each electrical appliance. Energy Cloud automatically sends notifications or when the systems turn down due to capacity problems for immediate repair. The complete service not only monitors daily operation but also ensures the electrical performance so BEsmart is helpful to optimize solar asset management as well as to maximize energy efficiency.

“Our clients have various backgrounds and energy usages, from commercial buildings, chain stores, hotels to factories. BEsmart Energy Cloud is proven to decrease power consumption by more than 40%,” said Jason Liao, Deputy Management of Power & Energy Management Division, Billion Electric Global Cooperation. “Billion provides the forefront energy management solutions that reduce carbon footprint by boosting energy efficiency. We welcome all distribution partnerships with ESCO, solar installers, wholesaler, sales agents, system integrators, and value-added service providers”.

BEsmart Solar Monitoring System has been recognized as a proven tool for solar asset management and has won the fourth annual partnership with a leading solar panel installer in Australia. In the future, Billion Electric is targeting worldwide services to provide a systematic approach to the better solar energy picture.

(Graphic Source: Billion Electric)

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