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DuPont Starts Patent Action Against Heraeus Over Lead Telluride Solar Paste

published: 2015-04-28 16:43

DuPont, the largest solar conductive paste supplier in the world, decided to take appropriate actions toward Heraeus to protect its patent over lead telluride solar conductive paste. According to DuPont’s official statement, it is targeting on its major competitors – Heraeus, Samsung SDI, and GigaSolar. There is a possibility DuPont may file lawsuits against them.

This is DuPont’s first action after Heraeus announced it has earned lead telluride solar conductive paste patent in Taiwan, Japan, China, and USA with Shoei Chemical. DuPont emphasized that some people begin to doubt about the validity over DuPont’s lead telluride paste patent, so it decided to go tough this time to protect its patent.

Aside from Heraeus that added lead telluride conductive paste, Samsung and Gigasolar also started to use it. Rumor has it that the main reason to DuPont’s determination this time is because the market shares of Samsung SDI and Gigasolar have begun to increase rapidly, catching up with DuPont’s.

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