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Big Sun’s iPV Solar Tracker Going Global!

published: 2015-04-29 15:08

Big Sun, a Taiwan-based solar PV manufacturer, has developed a universal-axis PV tracker through its subsidiary, Topper Sun. Its patented design help increase 30%~40% power generation compared to traditional fixed PV systems. iPV Solar Trackers have been utilized in several nations around the globe, including one strategic agreement with Yingli and a PV power plant construction agreement with TBEA in China. At this year’s SNEC exhibition, Big Sun showcases the iPV Solar Tracker in its booth, E2-330, and hopes to meet more business partners.

Big Sun’s iPV Solar Tracker is patented in 36 countries around the world, and it has awarded two innovation awards in Taiwan respectively in 2013 and 2015. Every iPV Solar Tracker has several modes to resist against various kinds of extreme conditions such as snow, sandy, windy and shady environment. With backtracking and the iPVSYS motoring & control system, owners of the systems will be able to have a stable, smart and high efficiency solar power output. The higher the generating efficiency reaches, the lower the cost of solar energy is, and the better the profit will be.

Moreover, the iPV Solar Tracker can be used in different scales of PV projects and are flexible in various shapes of sites. From residential to small-utility scale PV projects, iPV solar tracker is competent to be applied. The iPV solar tracker also can be used on customized greenhouses to provide solar-shared farming. Therefore, it does not only provide energy but also preserve the land from intensive solar radiation for farming.

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(Photo: A demonstration project atop a greenhouse in Taiwan. Source: Big Sun)

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