Portable Solar-Powered Devices Help Survivors from the Nepal Earthquake

published: 2015-04-30 16:18 | category: News

On April 25th, an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 7.8 hit Nepal. The earthquake is believed to have killed more than 6,000 people as of April 29th and rescue teams from the world have been sent to the country. To respond to the international humanitarian action, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has supplied solar-powered portable devices, including 8,000 solar lanterns, to the disaster areas.

Nepal. (Source: wikipedia)

Under such a catastrophic situation, portal power generators can help a lot. The solar lanterns donated by UNHCR will light up emergency information booths, clinics and hospitals, and shelters. Refugees can charge their radios or phones to reconnect through portal power sources as well.

Taiwan’s Lowest Carbon Blog, a NPO organization funded and supported by DELTA Foundation, reports that Nepal has been suffering from power outrage due to its poverty and insufficient infrastructure. The predicament worsened after the disastrous earthquake. There is neither power transmission nor traffic connection in the destroyed areas, meaning that survivors and rescue teams will run out of fuels and batteries very soon. A representative of Nepal’s power authority said that the national power grids were severely damaged, and electricity will be prioritized for hospitals and official authorities.

In addition, many portable solar power device manufacturers have donated products to help people who are fighting against the earthquake. Gham Power, a Nepali solar power company said on Facebook Page that they are delivering solar lanterns and solar-powered charging stations to rescue teams and remote shelters. As soon as the earthquake struck, Gham Power installed solar-powered charging batteries at its neighboring police office for the officers to connect through wireless communicators. A US NPO serving in Nepal, Empower Generation, donated all their solar lanterns to hospitals in Kathmandu. They also launch a crowdfunging campaign to buy more solar lanterns for the suffering Nepali people.

WE CARE Solar donates its innovative “Solar Suitcase” for hospitals and clinics in Nepal. The Solar Suitcase combines solar panels and batteries for doctors to perform their services in remote places without power grids. British Red Cross’s newly established solar-powered blood bank was opened in Nepal only a few days before the earthquake. The blood bank fortunately resisted over the strong shock and is now serving Nepali people and all rescuers from the world.



Japan, another country that suffers from extremely strong earthquake in 2011, has noticed the importance of portable solar-powered devices and other stand-along power suppliers. Although the natural disasters are so frightening, we can still move on and on, coming up with more solutions for emergency to face the unpredictable future.

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