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SunPower Awards a Master Dealer Designation to Infinity Solar

published: 2015-06-01 18:12

SunPower has awarded a Master Dealer designation to Infinity Solar, a design, engineering and installation company serving the NY/NJ area. Infinity Solar is the only Master Dealer of SunPower’s American designed and manufactured panels outside of California, and will start its business on the East Coast.

Achilles Tzoulafis, Infinity Solar co-founder/co-owner, said, “As a company that only hires and deploys the best designers, installers and maintenance personnel of any Solar firm in the area, it made sense that we would only work with SunPower, an American company that leads the world in solar panel design and manufacture.”

Infinity Solar provides services to residential and commercial solar systems. For a building owner, the solar electric system applied for his/her building is a long-term investment. The better the system’s quality is, the lower the cost of repair and replacement will be.

“Installing cheap panels or hardware manufactured overseas would defeat the purpose of drawing free, renewable power if you had to constantly repair and replace defective parts,” added Murphy Panagiotou, Infinity Solar co-founder/co-owner. “SunPower solar panels come with a 25-year warranty. For a company to deliver that kind of guarantee speaks volumes to its dedication to quality. That’s a company we wanted to be a part of.”

The Master Dealer distinction has been conveyed on only seven companies in the U.S. by SunPower.

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