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AspectSolar Portable Power Solutions Announces EnergyBar 100

published: 2015-07-17 17:02

AspectSolar, an innovator in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) solar-powered batteries, has announced an industry-leading, environmentally friendly and portable power solution for every aspect of work, play and home. With a lightweight and compact design, the EnergyBar 100 affords users twice the battery life of similar products and up to five times the duration of traditional batteries.

Esmond Goei, CEO of AspectSolar stated, "Our customers are savvy users who understand what they need. The EnergyBar 100 serves their needs better in performance and utility than comparable products. This is advancement in every sense of the word."

Designed with green battery technology, the EnergyBar 100 is manufactured with no known carcinogens, is recyclable and there is no thermal runoff.

Durable construction allows users to take reliable power nearly anywhere in various conditions, and it is TSA approved for carry-on and checked baggage. At 3.2 lbs., the EnergyBar 100 is 40%-60% lighter than traditional batteries. Use the optional i1-150 inverter to power AC devices up to 150 watts. The EnergyBar 100 will be available for purchase beginning August 2015.

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