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Atlantic Wind & Solar Feeds the Greater Toronto Grid with Solar Power

published: 2015-07-22 16:44

Atlantic Wind & Solar, Inc. announced the addition of another utility scale solar plant in Ontario, Canada now powering the grid. The 220kWac (260kWdc) solar array comprises 1,023 multicrystalline PV modules at 255W each, and the power will be transmitted to IESO with a 71.3 cents per kWh of rate for 20 years.

The solar power plant was developed by its Canadian subsidiary Atlantic Solar Inc.  With the formal receipt of a notice of Commercial Operation (COD) from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) this marks the final step in the construction and connection of this solar plant.

Atlantic Wind & Solar is a renewable energy developer in Ontario, Canada. As part of a solar development contract this project was purchased and is now owned and operated by an Ontario municipality. Atlantic Solar continues to develop projects to be held within the previously announced Power 1 yieldco and/or sold to other asset funds and managers.

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