Solar Frontier Reaches 3GW of CIS Module Global Shipment Milestone

published: 2015-07-24 15:27 | category: News

Since Solar Frontier sold its first CIS solar module in 2007, the company has shipped more than 3GW of CIS modules, representing approximately 20 million ones, to 47 countries in the world. The milestone not only shows CIS’s performance, it also represents the technology’s commercial competiveness.

CIS modules perform well under extreme weathers. Installations range from Farasan Island in Saudi Arabia, where where the temperature reaches 40oC, to Lithuania, where the temperature can be as low as -20oC. Currently, Solar Frontier’s largest CIS project is the 82.5 MW Catalina Power Plant in the USA, it is also the world’s largest CIS installation. The Catalina Power Plant was recognized as the winner of the Intersolar North America Project of the Year Award.

These CIS modules, at a scale of 3GW, would generate 3976GWh of solar power, which could completely power 650,000 households in Japan. The shipment volume help offset 1.93 million tons of CO2 emission per year.

Atsuhiko Hirano, President and CEO of Solar Frontier commented: “Solar Frontier is now building on its 3 GW shipment achievement, supplying CIS modules to more homes and businesses, as well as developing utility-scale power plants around the world. We are working to drive adoption of CIS technology so our customers have more choice to build cleaner businesses and more comfortable lifestyles anywhere in the world.”

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