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ConEdison Solutions and SunPower Introduce Residential Solar Power Leasing Program in New York State

published: 2015-07-29 15:32

ConEdison Solutions and SunPower have teamed up to offer New York State homeowners the opportunity to lease high efficiency SunPower® solar power systems. The companies have launched the program and expect to begin adding customers in August.

"Increasing numbers of New York families are choosing solar leases, and we want to make their decision as easy as possible. We are combining the strength of our trusted brands to meet the demand for reliable, rooftop solar solutions," said Michael Perna, Vice President of ConEdison Solutions. "Through this residential lease program, homeowners may save on their electricity from day one after activation, with no upfront costs. They'll also be helping reduce carbon emissions by increasing the use of clean, reliable solar power in our communities."

ConEdison Solutions will own the leased systems and collect monthly lease payments from homeowners for terms up to 20 years. SunPower will provide a 20-year limited warranty and production guarantee for each system.

"With high quality SunPower systems, ConEdison Solutions' customers can depend on a high level of energy assurance compared to systems using conventional solar technology," said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, business units. "More than 27,000 U.S. homeowners are leasing SunPower solar power systems today. We are pleased to team with ConEdison Solutions to extend the program and make solar accessible to more New York families."

SunPower and ConEdison Solutions worked together at Boston Scientific Corporation, for example, to develop a 1.28 megawatt, 3,900-panel rooftop solar installation on top of the firm's international distribution center in Quincy, Massachusetts.

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