REC Solar Interconnects a 1MW Solar Farm Array

published: 2015-08-20 17:00 | editor: | category: News

REC Solar has interconnected a 1 MW solar energy system for Windset Farms®. The Santa Barbara County farm grows non-GME produce all the year in its greenhouse facility, and the roof-mounted array enable the farm to run on clean energy, further enhancing its sustainable operations. This installation adds to REC Solar’s portfolio of over three dozen farms and food and beverage facilities in California.

“REC Solar helped us overcome some unique construction challenges, like high winds and site access restrictions,” said David Wesley, Director of Projects at Windset Farms®. “To top it off, the system was easy to finance and helped us save money on our energy bills immediately.

REC Solar installed the 4,032-panel array on the roof of the farm’s shipping and packing building. To maximize the farms’ ROI of installing the solar array, REC Solar installed a custom racking system combining flush-mounted panels on the western roof face and southern-tilted panels on the eastern roof face to receive optimal sun exposure. The racking system does not penetrate the roof, which will minimize long-term maintenance costs.

“REC makes it easy for farms to go solar because we cater to their specific business operations and ensure minimal disruptions. Since we work with our customers from start to finish, we can provide tailored financing, design and O&M options that help each business meet its energy savings targets,” said Ryan Park, Director of Business Development at REC Solar. “Windset Farms is already a clear leader in cutting-edge technology and sustainability practices, and we’re pleased to help them to extend their leadership even further.”

(Photo Credit: Windset Farms' facebook page)

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