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Amerisolar Plans to Build a 300MW PV Manufacturing Factory in USA

published: 2015-08-25 16:42

US-based Amerisolar is planning to build a new solar factory in USA. The new manufacturing facility is planned to have a 300MW solar production capacity if completed in 2016.

Amerisolar is now communicating with the state of Virginia, Washington and Oregon and hopefully the final decision can be made within the three months, depending on local investment environment and Amerisolar financial partners in this project.

The reason why Amerisolar go back to manufacture solar panels in US is mainly because they believe that US will be one of the best solar markets in the world in next few years not only for solar panels but also for solar power investment. The decreased manufacturing cost in US is another important reason for Amerisolar's decision.

Amerisolar branch company in US will be focus on solar panel production, solar power system package supply (including high-efficiency solar panels, solar inverters, mounting systems and battery), and solar power plant investment.

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