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Tigo and Mexico’s Exel Solar Form Exclusive Distribution Partnership

published: 2015-09-02 18:31

Tigo Energy, a smart module maker, has formed an exclusive distribution partnership with Exel Solar, a subsidiary of Mexico’s top 400 companies Exel Group. Exel Solar will help distribute Tigo’s TS4 platform among Mexico.

The TS4 platform comprises a universal base that latches onto one of five detachable covers incorporating different functionalities: TS4-D (diode) for heat dissipating; TS4-M (monitoring) for enhancing operation and management; TS4-S (safety) secured by rapid shutdown when necessary; TS4-O (Optimization) as it optimizes energy harvesting; and TS4-L (Long Strings) which increases string length up to 30% via reduced voltage of each module.

All five covers can be mixed, matched, and interchanged according to desired functionality at any point in time. The TS4 platform therefore offers a favorable option for solar installers to ensure larger return on investment.

“We are excited that Exel has chosen to work exclusively with Tigo in offering the Mexican market any required function of MLPE, including DC optimizer solutions that can meet maximum harvest at greatest ROI needs,” said Zvi Alon, Chairman and CEO of Tigo.

Exel Solar is the largest PV Wholesaler in Mexico providing installers constant training and support while offering the most innovative products online and financial services in the market. Last week Exel introduced Tigo’s TS4 platform to the top 150 installers in Mexico’s solar industry. Exel’s CEO Horacio Duhart commented on the partnership, “We are aware of competing products, but once we saw the revolutionary selective deployment feature of Tigo’s TS4 platform we knew that Tigo is the next big thing.”

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