Seraphim Solar to Start Operating 300MW Factory

published: 2015-09-14 14:54 | editor: | category: News

Seraphim Solar Manufacturing USA (Seraphim USA), a solar PV products provider, will commence trial operation for its new solar factory in Mississippi. The 300MW-capacity manufacturing facility is scheduled to be completed in two phases and the first phase will begin operating in November. The company aims to expand the production capacity to 1GW within the next three years.

The Seraphim USA plant is designed to produce high efficient PV modules by integrating its DuraFlex, which is able to bear up to 8000Pa mechanical load, intellectual modules with smart technology, “EzBox” that configures with three junction boxes, and Twin-Glass modules that are applicable to specialized roof projects. The products are especially designed and produced for U.S. customers.

"Solar energy has become the leading source of renewable energy globally, creating a strong 20 year cycle of growth for our company," explained Justin Xi, the Global Executive GM of Seraphim. "We are extremely excited that customers in the United States can now utilize the most trusted products that other countries around the world have relied on: Seraphim products."

Seraphim Changzhou (China) also plans to add 1.1GW of production capacity in China. The commence operations in China and USA represent Seraphim Solar’s global strategy to expand its presence and market shares in the global market.

So far, Seraphim Solar has distributed its services to ten major solar markets such as U.S., the UK, Germany, and Japan. It provides services for both commercial and residential projects with its TUV SUD-proved solar modules. 

(Photo Credit: Seraphim)

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