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Tigo Unveils PIV Tracking Technology for Maximizing Power Generation

published: 2015-09-17 17:15

Smart PV module maker Tigo Energy introduced the newest Predictive IV (PIV) tracking technology which helps optimize power output of PV modules on rooftops. PIV-based PV modules can be combined with traditional modules on the same string while enhance their own performance automatically, which yields greater power output as well as better ROI.

PIV utilizes PV modules’ unique parameters and advanced analytics, incorporating Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and Impedance Matching techniques, as well as historical module behavior statistics to predict the optimal settings. Moreover, PIV eliminates the need to pay the high cost of installing an optimizer on every module to gain maximum energy harvest and does not require any communication accessory, thereby guaranteeing customers the absolute lowest cost of any high-power producing PV system on the market, while ensuring the greatest ROI.

There are five TS4 platforms offered by Tigo: TS4-D (Diode), TS4-M (Monitoring), TS4-S (Safety), TS4-O (Optimization) and TS4-L (Long Strings). All TS4 covers with optimization capabilities (TS4-O and TS4-L) feature PIV technology and the other three (TS4-D, TS4-M, and TS4-S) can be upgraded at any point in time as needed.

"We see Predictive IV as an evolutionary step to an already great product offering, and yet another selling point that tips the scale in favor of Tigo in the module-level power electronics space,” commented JDS Power CEO Jon Silvester.

Partnership with Sunpreme

After showcasing the TS4 platform at the Solar Power International 2015 tradeshow in California, Tigo Energy successfully entered into a strategic partnership with Sunpreme, a global solar PV company.

Sunpreme’s bifacial solar smart modules will be integrated with Tigo’s TS4-L platform and will be able to increase string length by up to 30% through voltage control mechanism of each module.

“Any PV Module in a string that is exposed to shade, higher temperature or has a higher mismatch characteristic with other modules, can be outfitted with TS4-O or TS4-L and gain the maximum energy generation efficiencies.” said Chairman and CEO of Tigo, Zvi Alon.

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